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handgunsDual Defense Firearms in Wichita, KS offers a wide range of guns, magazines, safes and accessories you're looking for. So whether you're a hunter, a sportsman shooter or someone Browseping for a self-defense weapon, our selection of rifles, shotguns and pistols will fit your needs.

Looking for a rare or hard to find gun, contact us today about special orders.

Browse online with thousands of firearms and accessories to browse. Once we reopen, place your order and pick it up at our new location in Wichita. We'll call you when your order is in. Have questions about our process? Contact us today!

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New and used handguns, rifles and shotguns

We are a licensed firearms dealer for some of the biggest and trusted brand names like Colt, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Remington, Ruger, USM4, Sig Sauer and more. From revolvers and semi-automatic pistols to rifles and shotguns, we have thousands of firearms available to you at the click of a mouse. Our online catalog gives you access to thousands of guns as soon as we reopen. All individuals buying a gun or lower receiver must pass a federal NICS background check before releasing custody of the gun or lower receiver.

assault rifleSafe and Secure Online Browsing

Our online catalog gives you the convenience and ease to browse for guns, holsters and accessories 24-7, at home or at the office, in bed or on the couch. Once we reopen, online purchases (such as knives, cases, clothing, safes and accessories; excluding firearms and lower receivers) will quickly ship directly to your home or office. Online orders for firearms and lower receiver will be shipped directly to our new location in Wichita in just a few days and we will contact you when your order is ready. Individuals buying a gun or lower receiver online must pass a federal NICS background check before releasing the purchase.

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Magazines & Clips

We have a large selection of magazines for the AR-15, .22 caliber and many more with everyday low prices shipped fast directly to you. Our stock includes high capacity and standard magazines from national best selling brands like Sig Sauer, Ruger, Bushmaster, Remington, Rock River Arms, Taurus and more.

Accessories & Apparel

Dual Defense Firearms doesn't stop with providing the best in weaponry. Our online store also features a gigantic selection of airguns, gun cleaning kits, gloves, hats, shirts, holsters, cases, targets, grips, pads, stocks and parts. So no matter what you're looking for, we have it.

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reopening Soon

Dual Defense Firearms is moving to a new location. We're temporarily closed while we transition to our new shop. For a look at everything we have, take a look at our online store. Browse our inventory and place your order as soon as we reopen.

Custom orders

Sometimes you know exactly what gun you want but have a hard time tracking it down. Dual Defense Firearms will happily research the firearm or accessory you need and get back to you quickly with the area's best price. Contact us today about special or custom orders.

Customized shotgun
Take this custom shotgun for instance. We modified it to hold more rounds, added a custom handle and setup custom sights.

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